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Snow….What a Pain in the Back!


snow Pic7 Tips to save your back during the winter season

  • If you must shovel snow, be careful. Listen to weather forecasts so you can rise early and have time to shovel before work.
  • Layer clothing to keep your muscles warm and flexible.
  • Shoveling can strain "de-conditioned" muscles between your shoulders, in your upper back, lower back, buttocks and legs.So, do some warm-up stretching before you grab that shovel.
  • When you do shovel, push the snow straight ahead. Don't try to throw it. Walk it to the snow bank. Avoid sudden twisting and turning motions.
  • Bend your knees to lift when shoveling. Let the muscles of your legs and arms do the work, not your back.
  • Take frequent rest breaks to take the strain off your muscles. A fatigued body asks for injury.
  • Stop if you feel chest pain, or get really tired or have shortness of breath. You may need immediate professional help

snow Pic1Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain

About 80% of Canadians will suffer from back pain in their lifetime. If you experience back pain, consult your doctor of chiropractic. Left untreated, back pain can seriously impact daily living, yet almost 15 per cent of Canadians report that they do nothing to treat their back pain, while almost 50 percent treat the symptoms, not the causes Past studies have indicated that consumers are very happy with the chiropractic care they receive.

With a thorough knowledge of the structure and functioning of the human body, doctors of chiropractic make diagnoses and take steps to correct problems using spinal adjustments, dietary and lifestyle advice, and other natural tools. Spinal manipulation—the primary form of treatment performed by doctors of chiropractic—is a recommended option for back pain treatment, rated as such by many state and workers’ compensation guidelines.

Research has shown that Active Release Technique® and spinal manipulation are not only safe and effective, but can cut costs and get workers back on the job faster than other treatments. A recent medical study has also pointed out that manual treatment offers better short-term relief of chronic back pain than medication. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask Dr. Baker.


Dr. Baker’s area of concentration is the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal complaints, ranging from neck and lower back pain to headaches, sprained ankles and rotator cuff pathologies. She also works with athletes of all levels, helping them reduce recovery.


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“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”

Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta


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