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Dr. Kim Baker

Dr. Baker focuses on returning her patients to their optimal health as quickly as possible. This is a step by step process that involves relieving pain, increasing joint and muscle function and then by educating the patient on how to stretch and strengthen their body to prevent re-injury.








e Chiropractic

r Active Release Technique (ART®)

re Acupuncture (Medical and Facial Rejuvenation)

r Sports Injury Rehabilitation

3 Nutritional Assessments

e Diagnostic Tests

e Custom Orthotics

1 Personal Training

1 Stretch to Win®



































Years of running resulted in my hamstrings becoming chronically tight and stiff. I was unable to get the most out of my strength training sessions due to my lack of flexibility. Fortunately, I was introduced to a Fascial Stretch Therapist® who after two sessions had me back on track instantly. I am now more flexible than I was when I was dancing competitively and lifting heavier than I ever thought I was capable of! It is because of these results that I have partnered up with one of the top Fascial Stretch Therapists® in Toronto.

Stretch to Win®

Pain free stretching by a Certified Flexibility Specialist™ can help you achieve your goals faster and better than you can achieve them by stretching yourself. Whether you want to rapidly improve athletic performance, increase fitness, improve longevity and anti-aging ability, reduce pain, improve sexual ability or decrease stress, being stretched by our Specialist will get you where you need to be.

What is Stretch to Win®?

Stretch to Win® is the positive transformation of body, mind and spirit through achieving one's flexibility potential! Stretch to Win®:

• can reduce or eliminate tight muscles
• can reduce or eliminate stiff joints
• improves your circulation
• improves and enhances sex
• makes you feel and look younger
• makes you stronger
• makes you taller
• reduces or eliminates pain*

Deep and lasting personal transformation is what happens when our clients -- professional and amateur athletes, working professionals, baby boomers, elderly, teenagers and children -- feel the liberating effects of pain-free, assisted stretching by a Certified Flexibility Specialist™.

The BIG difference between our approach and others is that we are specialists in stretching and aligning your FASCIA. We do this using our proprietary method of Fascial Stretch Therapy™. Fascia is your connective tissue -- which is the most influential structure in your body affecting your flexibility. Fascia covers your joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones. Age, trauma, injuries, poor posture and inadequate training can distort, twist and tighten the fascia. This can cause pain and discomfort in joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and discs. Changes to the fascia can cause major and minor imbalances in strength, speed, flexibility, balance and agility to name a few, but usually the cause goes undetected because most professionals do not stretch the fascia.

*Reduces or eliminates pain as a result of stiffness or tightness across any joint and in any muscle, tendon and ligament.








“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”

Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta


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