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Dr. Kim Baker

Dr. Baker focuses on returning her patients to their optimal health as quickly as possible. This is a step by step process that involves relieving pain, increasing joint and muscle function and then by educating the patient on how to stretch and strengthen their body to prevent re-injury.








e Chiropractic

r Active Release Technique (ART®)

re Acupuncture (Medical and Facial Rejuvenation)

r Sports Injury Rehabilitation

3 Nutritional Assessments

e Diagnostic Tests

e Custom Orthotics

1 Personal Training

1 Stretch to Win®











Nutritional Assessments

Are you getting enough protein and health fats? What about fruits and vegetables? Studies show the majority (80-90%) of North Americans do not reach their daily nutritional requirements through food. In a society as fast paced as ours, healthy eating is not always a priority. Unfortunately most people are looking for a "quick fix" for their health problems. Some of these “quick fixes” are pharmaceutical in nature and focus on alleviating symptoms only, not preventing them. Want to learn about easy healty choices that you can incorporate into your daily routine? Are you interested in a natural approach to PMS or menopause? How about which nutrients help reduce body fat? Which nutrients are anti-aging? It all comes down to biochemistry! Supply the body with adequate levels of certain nutrients and it will result in enhanced health prevention of many of the North American diseases linked to our poor diets. Learn about how to enhance your health, help certain ailments and prevent disease naturally. There is so much information regarding health and wellness let me help you by providing scientific and evidence-based advice.




“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”

Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta


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