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Dr. Kim Baker

Dr. Baker focuses on returning her patients to their optimal health as quickly as possible. This is a step by step process that involves relieving pain, increasing joint and muscle function and then by educating the patient on how to stretch and strengthen their body to prevent re-injury.








e Chiropractic

r Active Release Technique (ART®)

re Acupuncture (Medical and Facial Rejuvenation)

r Sports Injury Rehabilitation

3 Nutritional Assessments

e Diagnostic Tests

e Custom Orthotics

1 Personal Training

1 Stretch to Win®






Sometimes eating right and exercising regularly may not be enough:

  • Body fat not dropping as quickly as you like?
  • Do you not have the energy that you used to?
  • Feel bloated after a meal?
  • Have intense sugar cravings?
  • Suffer from frequent headaches that affect your work?
  • Have joint pain throughout the day?
  • Suffer from depression & anxiety?
  • Feel spaced out or foggy?
  • What about dramatic mood swings?
  • Do you have low sex drive?
96 Food Allergy Test - Did you know that more than 2/3 of people with
chronic health conditions have food reactions and that more than 100
diseases and conditions are associated with food intolerances? Most
people are unaware that they are eating foods that are making them sick
and all it takes to check is a pin prick! Only $315 + Tax & Shipping.


Genestra HMF Forte - HMF Forte is a high-level maintenance probioic
formula indicated for individuals who use antibiotics, processed foods, oral
contraceptives, steroids, and hormone replacement therapy, and for extreme
fatigue, allergies, yeast overgrowth, stress, hypercholesterolemia and
indigestion. The capsules are 100% vegetable-sources and ideal for vegans.
Only $60 + Tax & Shipping.

Genestra Super EFA Liquid - Super EFA liquid is a great tasting,
concentrated and pharmaceutical grade fish oil preperation containing high
amounts of eicosopent
aenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
formulated specifically for maximum support of and maintenance of
cardiovascular and neurological health. Price $24 + Tax & Shipping.





“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”

Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta


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